Please take a brief moment to acquaint yourself with Toby Knox & Associates, LLC (TKA). Since 1991 we’ve been fulfilling our loyal or ad hoc clients’ market research needs effectively, on budget and on time. We’d welcome the opportunity to talk to you about a research project you are contemplating.


Toby Knox and Associates is a hands-on, customer focused, market research firm dedicated to obtaining meaningful data and formulating subsequent conclusions that marketers and others seek in making critical decisions concerning issues related to marketing, internal and external communications, advertising or development of public policy. TKA conducts qualitative and quantitative consumer and business-to-business research.


TKA’s mission is:

  • To assist clients set reasonable research objectives that address their primary marketing related dilemmas/problems/challenges
  • To recommend the most efficient and effective research methodology
  • To conduct research in a timely and financially prudent manner
  • To analyze and report the research findings and their meaning in relationship to the research objectives
  • To respect the integrity and confidentiality of a client's proprietary information, data and materials
With more than 30 years working in the fields of market research, marketing communications, advertising and public relations, Toby Knox, the founder and principal of TKA, brings a wealth of experience to every research project. A seasoned professional, Knox has worked with a wide variety of international, national and regional companies and organizations, conducting research projects across the USA, in Canada and in Eastern Europe.